June – It’s About Love…

Julie in Costa Rica earlier this year. Photo by Paul German.

The month of June is famous for love. Heck, it’s named for the Roman goddess Juno, the goddess of marriage.

Plutarch, a Greek biographer and essayist who later became a Roman citizen, and Ovid, a Roman poet, both wrote about how June was favorable for weddings – a theory that lives on today.

Since June is about love, it’s very appropriate that Julie already has much of the month filled with live shows because Julie LOVES to perform live.

And if you love great Americana music, then your June can be lovely too – just check out one of Julie’s shows. She’ll be troubadouring around Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina from the 1st to the 30th with many stops along the way.

Click here to go to the Calendar page for show details.

And while you’re at the show, be sure to request that Julie plays her song “It’s About Love”. It’s her Mom’s (and my) favorite JG song.