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Crimson Sky

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Crimson Sky will be available on-line soon. In the meantime you can pick up a copy at any of my shows.


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Chance to Start Again

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Chance to Start Again is a collection of songs from my move to Nashville. I hope you all love them as much as I do! Dan Lavery produced this record and we developed what I think to be my best tracks yet!

It’s now available on CDBaby!


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Letting Go

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This album, produced by Brian Irwin and Dan Lavery, was released in 2010 and is packed full of the journey from my last year in California and my move back to the Southeast. Come take a listen and join in on the story!

For a preview you can watch me perform ‘Letting Go’ on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson!

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Echoes In My Head

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So Typical

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Back Inside of Me

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My first record, under the name Jules, was produced by Brian Irwin and executive produced by Perry Margoleuff.

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