Crimson Sky on Best Albums of 2014 list

Beneath The Grid

The music and lyrics feel authentic and genuine.
If you like Country/ Americana/ Folk music,
there’s really no reason not to check out
Crimson Sky.

Beneath The Grid

This is great! . . . Norah Jones and Dido meet country.
But all you!

Anita Holt – Noted in Nashville

Julie named Artist of the Month

Julie named a finalist in the country category
of the All Access Music Search!

Ga Lottery All Access Music Search

Julie is one of Georgia’s treasures as she combines her writing talent with her great voice and easygoing songs.

Dan Seals –

More fine songs with rich melodies, hummable tunes, catchy choruses and some excellent lyrics.
Americana in the truest sense of the word.

Phil Edwards – Americana UK Magazine

I was drawn in by Gribble’s authentic lyrics, rich and strong voice, and the way she could fly her fingers
over the guitar.

Amalia Vagts, Tapestry Arts Journal

Singer /songwriter style songs from a beautiful lady
with a beautiful voice.

J.R.Oliver – Ear Candy Magazine

The ballads are insightful, the overall musicianship a rare treat, each storytelling accompanied by
a unique verbal styling.

Exclusive Magazine

If I accidentally walked into hell, and she was performing there, I’d beg to stay!

Featured Musician – Get Underground Magazine

…music so warm and touching it
envelopes you in its beat

San Antonio City Pages Magazine

The overall writing is crisp. The ballads are insightful.
The musicianship is quality.

Anthony Frazier, DJ – The Acoustic Hour Radio Show

…you’ll get wrapped up in her lyrics, as she spins her fantastic tales with a unique verbal styling
and a melodic gift

Eric-Scott Guthrie, The Evening Muse Club Blog

‘Little Bit Lonely’ is the kind of song that transcends generations allowing both mothers and daughters to understand and appreciate its meaning…

Tabitha Blevins, Goose Creek Gazette

She was excellent!

Steve Villa, CEO of Muzak

Back Inside of Me is strong and focused female singer/songwriter acoustic pop rock.

Simi Mutant – The Chicken Fish Speaks

Listening to Julie’s music is like standing in the shade on a bright sunny day

Anthony Frazier – Acoustic Hour Radio Show

Fans and industry alike are calling her music
real and captivating.

Joseph Vilane – The Rag Magazine

Clear, potent lyrics combined with a captivating melody.

Blogcritics Magazine

Gribble is a talented singer-songwriter…
with her own unique sound.

PE – americana UK

She seems to stand apart from any other female singer/songwriter counterparts

Spotlight/Unsigned Artists – Atomic Duster

A very polished and talented singer-songwriter…
with a voice that’s rich and convincing.

R.J. Oliver – Ear Candy Magazine

Her vocals are rich and reveal pain, loss, and loneliness while they remain uplifting.

Michael Potvin – Northeast In-Tune Magazine

As singer/songwriters go, she’s among some of the freshest.

Editor’s Pick – Smother Magazine

It’s Fabulous!!

Craig Ferguson – The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

This latest album from Julie Gribble is a collection of powerful, in-yer-face recordings

The Cotswolds-Oxfordshire – Music Shopper

Gribble is a work of art, both musically and lyrically, and a true unknown treasure of the LA underground.

Bob Leggett – Music Connection

Julie’s singing is ‘real’ and that gives you the union, connection with the songwriter.

Tracy Thackrah – 90.1fm KBPK